The Divine

The Divine
PUJA by Michael Azure

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Willow Chang & Passport Productions Present

PUJA: LOVE LETTERS- Annual International Dance Concert

Saturday, June 5th at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 6th at 2 p.m.

Windward Community College Paliku Theater Kaneohe, Hawai’i.

PUJA, is the Sanskrit word meaning an offering or blessing, offered with respect. We believe Dance is truly a gift from those who dance, to those who watch.

The PUJA Concert has several missions:

*Honors the art & diversity in dance

*Celebrates the talent in Hawaii & abroad

*Provides greater appreciation resulting in collaboration & development of future projects

As Hawai’I’s Original Multicultural Dance Concert and Festival, we celebrate our 3rd year with PUJA: LOVE LETTERS. Our events celebrate dance, movement and music, with both traditional and innovative approaches, delivering the inspiration, diversity and creativity now synonymous with PUJA.

2010 cast includes (but is not limited to):

Anasma – Paris, France

Colleena Shakti – Rajistan, India

Arianna al Tiye & The Nubian Moon Daughters- NYC, NY

Anne Au

The Hawaii Jitterbugs

Phillip & Kimberly/United Rhythm Dance Co.

The Rhythm Renegades


SANGHA Dance Theater

Willow Chang

Gui Alvez

George Garcia & Isla Tango

Michael Hamiliton

Kamakoa Page Academy

Michael Pili Pang

Greg Henry

Samba Axe

Sewa Fare & Badenyaa

Convergence Dance Theater

Bollywood Hawaii

Jason Tom

Jonathon Intrepid Sypert & Chansri Green

Giinko Marischino

In 2008, Willow Chang’s Passport Productions produced the first PUJA: An Offering in Dance Concert, followed by 2009’s PUJA: Gods + Monsters” concert & 25 different dance workshops in addition to pre- PUJA concert performances & events. The PUJA Festival features musicians, teachers, choreographers & designers who respect tradition & innovation. Uniting dancers from various disciplines, it creates opportunities for dancers to meet, collaborate & perform locally & abroad (Since 2009, PUJA artists have met in France, NYC, Argentina & Switzerland!)


-The Annual PUJA Dance Concert -First weekend in June. THIS YEAR, JUNE 5th & 6TH, 2010.

-The Global Dance Café- a dance showcase in a casual setting, intimate & interactive dance. -Year round. At Oceans 808 & the Himalayan Kitchen.

-Performances at HISAM (the Hawaii State Art Museum) Live From The Lawn (in conjunction with First Friday) FREE! JUNE 4TH, 2010

- Dance, Movement & Music Workshops (last year we had 25!) that feature our concerts’ dance artists, continuing the educational experience.

New! 2010 Events- The Annual Book & Music Festival, MAY 15 & 16th, 2-4 pm At Civic Center, near Honolulu Hale. FREE!

For more information, contact Willow Chang:

On Facebook under PUJA Annual DANCE CONCERT & Festival

Mobile: 808- 292 -0820

Our Artists involved with PUJA have included:

Colleena Shakti- India

Willow Chang

SANGHA Dance Theater

Gui Alves- Hawaii/Brazil

Anasma -France/NY

Meissoun - Switzerland

Eduardo Rodriguez- Cirque Du Soleil & Argentina

Kamakoa Page & The Page Academy of Dance

Badenyaa African Dance

Mahalohalo Kolintang Ensemble

Desiree & Wayland Seguritan

Simeon Den & David Kane

Diane Lam & Pure Pilates

The Breakatears (Rhythm Renegades)

George Garcia & Isla Tango

(K’ai Roberts, Elizabeth Coraggio, Tanya Somday, Yoko Wee)

Adela Chu, Kathryn Takara & Ayin Adams

Michael Hamilton

Michael McElhaney

Samba Axe- Hawaii/ Brazil

Samantha Tavares

Andrea Torres & Samadhi Hawai’i

Shakti Dance Theater

Jonathon Clarke Sypert “inTrepid” Chansri Green

Convergence Dance Theater/Jennifer Shannon

Naomi Brown

Betsey Fisher

Dazzman Toguchi

Glo Ayson

Mayuko Ayabe- Japan/San Franscico

Michele Painter

Global Dance Café

Many of the above mentioned artists and:


Jason Tom

Pepper Raefin Cummings

Taehani Gollero

Christy Cote-San Franscico, CA

Facundo – Argentina

Aisha of Greece

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